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About Us

Hutton Solomon & Blane PC is a boutique law firm that specializes in the area of state and local taxation.  We represent individuals and businesses in tax planning and controversies before the state tax authorities.  These representations include individuals in residency audits and related income allocation matters, as well as businesses in audits relating to sales and use tax, corporation income tax, excise tax, flow-through entity and franchise tax. Our attorneys have a strong foundation in taxation not only from extensive legal experience but also as a result of educational and work experience in the accounting field.

A record of excellence

Our History

For more than forty years, Hutton Solomon & Blane has advocated on behalf of its clients and has achieved landmark results.  These results have given rise to changes in the Tax Law, regulations and policies of New York State and City for the benefit of clients, including reductions and cancellations of assessments and substantial refunds.  Some of these statutes, regulations and policies were unchanged for decades to the detriment of taxpayers before Hutton Solomon & Blane addressed these matters.  Many of these related decisions have resulted in substantial tax refunds for affected industry groups.

where our expertise lies

Why Do Clients Choose Us?

Hutton Solomon & Blane has played an integral part in obtaining legislative and policy changes for the benefit of taxpayers in specific industries in New York.  Just to name a few, we have worked with the tax authority and legislature to obtain the current favorable film tax credit for film production in New York (currently $420 million), favorable income allocation for specific industries, sales tax exemption for the removal of waste from transfer stations and for 75% of the admission charge to qualifying places of amusement.

In addition to handling matters in the administrative appeals process and court litigation, we are experienced in all steps of the audit process. This includes representation upon the tax authorities’ initial contact, all phases of the audit, and conciliation conferences. A common misnomer is to obtain legal counsel after the audit is completed to appeal the audit findings. However, the earlier in the process Hutton Solomon & Blane is engaged generally results in a quicker and more favorable resolution with reduced professional fees.

Catering to Your Needs

Hutton Solomon & Blane works closely with the accounting community and lawyers that practice in other areas of the law. If a matter originates with these other professionals, Hutton Solomon & Blane is able to cater to the professional’s needs. We often work with these professionals in providing support, a resource for guidance, co-representation, as well as succeeding in the management of the matter.